ERCOT Communications

During a grid event, public-facing ERCOT communication methods may include: the ERCOT app, social media (i.e., Twitter and Facebook), ERCOT’s Emergency Alerts and News_Bulletins mailing lists, and information posted on News releases may be distributed depending upon the situation.

  • Download the ERCOT app from the Apple Store or Google Play

  • Twitter @ERCOT_ISO

  • Facebook @ERCOTISO Electric Reliability Council of Texas


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For 24/7 power outage reporting, please call (361) 771-4400 if in the Jackson County Region, or (979) 245-3029 if in the Matagorda County Region.

During these emergency events, it may be difficult to reach our office to report an outage due to the high volume of calls.  If members are unable to reach the office, please wait 30 minutes to an hour then try to call back again.  

Conservation Alert

ERCOT will only request conservation if it is necessary for grid reliability. This alert will be seen frequently during the summer months (June, July, August).  Members are encouraged to conserve energy by following these guidelines: (1) Turn your thermostat up 2-3°, (2) Turn off non-essential lights, & (3) Avoid using large appliances.

Energy Emergency Alert Level 1 (EEA Level 1)

Operating reserves drop below 2,300 MW and are not expected to recover within 30 minutes. This occurs when the state is experiencing periods of high electric demand and a low reserve of power. At this stage, ERCOT can call on additional resources that are only available in tight conditions, so rotating outages are not likely.

Energy Emergency Alert Level 2 (EEA Level 2)

Operating reserves fall below 1,750 MW. ERCOT can reduce demand on the grid by interrupting power for large industrial customers that have contractually agreed to have their electricity turned off in an emergency. This occurs when there is a likelihood that rotating outages will be needed to reduce the load on the electric grid.

Energy Emergency Alert Level 3 (EEA Level 3)

Operating reserves drop below 1,375 MW. If conditions do not improve within 30 minutes, continue to deteriorate or operating reserves drop below 1,000 MW, ERCOT can order utilities to implement rotating outages. Utilities across the state will be instructed to begin rotating outages to preserve the reliability of the electric grid.

Rotating Outages

Rotating outages are controlled, temporary disruptions in electricity service that rotate by location to help reduce the load on the electric grid. Typically, these disruptions last from 10 to 45 minutes before being rotated to another location.