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Your Account

Online Bill Viewing and Bill Paying

(American Express, Discover, Mastercard or Visa)

Getting Started

Before you can use this service, you will need to call the Jackson Electric Office in Edna or Bay City to request your initial password. You will be asked to furnish information to verify your identity, including information from your electric bill stub. Our bill viewing and payment area is a secure area, meaning that information sent in to our computer is encrypted to protect your information from piracy during transmission; therefore, a log-in is required to enter the bill viewing and payment area. You should use something easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess. You should not use your phone number or your address. The password should be at least 6 characters long with no spaces and should contain letters and numbers only. Remember, your password is "case dependent". That means if you enter a password of cleo917 then try to use CLEO917 the password will not be valid.


Your member number and your password are required to log-in to the bill viewing and payment area. Your member number is your account number minus the last two digits. If your account number is 1234501 (or 12345-01) then your member number is 12345. When you click a link on this page to go to the bill viewing and payment area, the first screen that greets you has three buttons; "Customer Log-in," "Contact Support," and "About." Read this page fully. For more help, click the "About" button.


Click here to view or pay your bill.


If you are paying your bill after the cut-off date, it is recommended that you call the Jackson Electric Office and advise us that you have made payment.