Propane FAQs

Propane FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Where am I suppose to put my tank?

Above ground or underground propane tank?

Above Ground Propane Tank Benefits:

· Built to endure harsh weather and elements

· Easy to maintain and service

· Doesn’t require digging into your yard

Underground Propane Tank Benefits: 

· Doesn’t take up valuable space in your yard

· Please call our office for more information! 


How big of a propane tank do I need for my home?


Will Jackson Electric dig a trench from my propane tank to the desired location?

No, we do not dig trenches.  If you would like us to lay line, the trench must be dug before hand.  Trench must be at least 12 inches deep.


How do tank rentals work?  Do I need to maintain my own tank?

We will maintain tank rentals.  While drivers examine tanks upon delivery, a thorough maintenance check will be conducted at least once a year.  If rust is spotted on the tank, we will replace it free of charge to the member.