Ice Storm 2021 Billing Communication

Ice Storm 2021 Billing Communication

We understand that our members have questions about their electric bills and how the Ice Storm of 2021 will impact them; so, we have put together an electric bill FAQ guide to help answer your important questions during this time! 

First, what is a Cooperative?

A cooperative is a not-for-profit business, voluntarily owned, and controlled by the members; therefore, all the owners live in the cooperative’s service area. Unlike investor-owned utilities, an electric cooperative is operated by, and for, the members of the community and governed by a board of directors elected by the membership.

An investor-owned utility (IOU) is owned by stockholders who may or may not be customers and who may or may not live in the service area. The IOU is a for-profit enterprise.

Will my electric bill cost more because of the Ice Storm of 2021?

The simple answer is, NO. 

Our rates for these services are based on our tariffs, not on the fluctuating price of electricity on the wholesale market. Your distribution/delivery rates will NOT go up because of the storm market price spike. However, both RATES and USAGE could possibly cause your bill to be higher.

You will not be billed for any usage during the time you were without power because the meter does not record usage when there is a power outage. However, depending upon individual usage, members may experience a larger bill due to the increased amount of kwh usage during the consecutive days of sub-freezing temperatures, after power was restored.  You will find that your electric furnace, air conditioner, and water heater will make up the greatest percentage of your electric bill. 

How can I see my monthly usage?

If you would like to see your usage and billing history please visit our website and log in to our Customer Service Portal.  In the Customer Service Portal you will be able to make a payment, view billing history, update account history, and view your usage history.  If you have any issues logging in, please feel free to reach out to our billing department.

I see my electric bill. But what does it all mean?

If you have ever wondered what everything on your bill means... this handy guide will help!!  Please see the picture below!

If you continue to have questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our billing department! 



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