Candidates Named for 2020 Election

Candidates Named for 2020 Election

Places for directors representing three of Jackson Electric Cooperative’s 11 districts will be up for a vote at the co-op’s annual meeting on May 16, 2020.  The nominating committee met in November to name the candidates for those three positions.

James Hoffmeister will be named on the ballot for District 1 as an uncontested candidate.  Hoffmeister, a resident of the Sargent area, has served on the JEC Board since being elected in 2009. 

Tom Hudgins will be named on the ballot for District 9 as an uncontested candidate.  Hudgins, a resident of the Cedar Lane community, has served as director since 1987

W.H. Webernick Jr. will be named on the ballot as candidate for District 10.  Webernick, a resident of the area North of Edna to Speaks, including Morales, has served as director since 1996.  Committee members nominated Rodney Roberson to be named on the ballot. Roberson, is a of lifelong resident of Jackson County and has served in his community for many years. In addition to Roberson, committee members also nominated James Roach to be named on the ballot. Roach, of resident of Jackson County began his career with LNRA for 19 years and the City of Victoria for 15 years, until he qualified for retirement in 2014.

In addition to Nominating Committee Nominations, members may nominate, through petition, individuals to run for election for a Director position.  Members make Member Petition Nominations by delivering to the Cooperative, a writing for each Member Petition Nomination (“Member Petition”) which include the following:

  1. Listing on each page of the Member Petition, the name of the Member Petition Nominee;
  2. Indicating, on each page of the Member Petition, the Director position for which the Member Petition Nominee will run; and
  3. Containing the printed names, addresses, telephone numbers and original dated signatures of at least twenty-five (25) Nominating Members.

All nominations must be received prior to March 1, 2020.

Nominees must be qualified candidates to be considered, meeting the following requirements:

  • A member in good standing of the cooperative,
  • A member and resident in the district to be represented,
  • Loyal to the co-op without conflicting commercial or personal interests,
  • Have the minimum knowledge and skills necessary to manage the affairs of the co-op.
  • Be willing to devote such time and effort to the duties of a director as may be necessary to manage the co-op’s affairs,
  • Be able to represent their district, as well as the entire membership on an impartial basis,
  • Be willing and able to attend board meetings, other meetings that further the cooperative movement, and training which will aid in being informed on matters that affect the cooperative, and
  • Not use or cause to be used the director position to further any political or business ambition.

            For additional information, you may contact any JEC director or Missie Landry at (361) 771-4400.


District 1

Incumbent: James Hoffmeister

My name is James Hoffmeister.  I have been a member of the Cooperative and lived in Sargent for more than 20 years, serving as District 1 Director since October of 2009.

While serving on the board, I have completed continuing education courses required to become a Credentialed Cooperative Director and recently obtained my Board Leadership Certificate. These courses are sponsored by National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and are provided so that we may enhance our knowledge of operations and finance of our cooperative.

I believe that our cooperative serves an important role for the members by ensuring that reliable electrical power is available at a reasonable cost.  I believe that Jackson Electric Cooperative, Inc. has done a good job in providing this.  I believe a director's role is to represent all members interest in maintaining reliable and affordable electrical service, invest in our people and facilities to protect our ability to maintain that service, and to provide a channel for communication between members and the cooperative staff to ensure that the cooperative meets  the needs of the members.

I thank you for your continued support.

Candidate: None


District 9

Incumbent: Tom Hudgins

My name is Tom Hudgins.  I have been in the ranching business my entire life. My wife, Kathy and I have lived in the Jackson Electric Cooperative service area since 1972, after graduating from Texas A & M University.

I have served as a director for District 9, which covers the Cedar Lane community and outlying areas, since 1987.  Over this time, I have completed the courses required to become a Credentialed Cooperative Director and have taken the majority of the courses needed to obtain a Board Leadership Certificate.

The past several years has brought positive changes for Jackson Electric.  In that time, we’ve the upgraded the metering system and begun offering internet service to areas that previously had no service. I look forward to working with both management, fellow directors and members to ensure the growth of the Cooperative in all areas.

Thank you for your continued support and as a Board Director, I pledge to continue to serve our membership with sound and effective business decisions.


Tom Hudgins


District 10

Incumbent: W.H. Webernick, Jr.

My name is W. H. Webernick, Jr.  I represent District 10, which covers the area North of Edna to Speaks, including Morales.

I was elected to the Jackson Electric Cooperative Board of Directors in May of 1996. Many things have changed in the coop business since that time and we’ve made advancement in the ways to which we respond to the changing needs of our members.

I have completed the Accredited Credential Director courses which provide directors the knowledge and skills that are needed for me to be an effective director. Our board and employees working together is what makes this a great Cooperative.

I do appreciate your continued support and I thank you for entrusting me to represent this District.


Candidate: Rodney Roberson

My name is Rodney Roberson, and I am running for the District 10 position of the Jackson Electric Cooperative Board of Directors.  I have the qualifications and experience that will represent you well for District 10.

I have lived in Jackson County my entire life and have served this community for many years, including the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Red Cross, Jackson County Law Enforcement Association and others.  I grew up in a Jackson Electric family, as my grandfather worked there for many years.  I have great loyalty to and admiration for all the men and women who work hard at Jackson Electric to deliver you reliable electric service. 

I will diligently work for Jackson Electric’s continued success. I am willing to serve and devote the time necessary to perform the job well.  I am asking for your vote in the upcoming election.

Thank you.


Candidate: James Roach

Having been raised in El Campo, we utilized an electrical Cooperative that provided electricity for our farming and ranching rural life style.  In 1988 I married my wife Joyce (Korczynski) a life long resident of Jackson County and we have continued enjoying the services provided by JEC for the past 30 years. 

I began my career with LNRA for 19 years and the City of Victoria for 15 years, both of which required in depth budgetary responsibilities.  Qualifying for retirement in 2014, began a part time position with an engineering firm and recently requested to also assist a small municipality.

Being a life long resident of rural communities, we rely on Cooperatives to provide our ever growing demands for electricity to meet our current and future needs.  JEC has provided excellent service through the years but will need to be aggressive in future years to maintain a cost effective, reliable power source and services for the customers of this cooperative.

For these reasons I feel compelled to seek election of the District 10 Board member position. I would be humbled and honored to receive your vote and serve as your Director, devoting my efforts and experience to represent the members to the best of my ability.